5 times Qandeel Baloch was brutally honest

5 times Qandeel Baloch was brutally honest

Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch rose to fame over her Facebook videos, in which she danced, proposed to politicians and brought a lewd maulvi to shame.

She was silenced today (Saturday) by her own brother who strangled her to death over so-called honour.

Love pours in for Qandeel Baloch

Love her or hate her, Qandeel made a name for herself and did what many wouldn’t have the courage to.

Here are the top five videos we should all remember her by:

1. When she responded to haters like a boss!

Because they saw her rollin’, they hatin’.

2. When she scolded Shahid Afridi

Because he has disappointed us countless times.

3. When she revealed the true face of political corruption

Because we will never understand.

4. When she questioned Narendra Modi

Because she could.

5. When she took a stand for herself

Because she was right to.

She will be missed! Source