Another twist in story of Fariha Pervez and Nauman Javaid!

Another twist in story of Fariha Pervez and Nauman Javaid!

Once we post news that famous female Pakistani singer Faiha Pervez secretly tied the knot with another Pakistani male singer Nouman Javaid. Both of the singers did not give any response regarding the news. They did not bother to accept or refuse the news.

But the actual buzz created in showbiz industry when singer Nouman Javaid attempted suicide. Some people said that it was an accident. Then the family denied the news of the suicide saying that its their personal and family matter. But Nouman clearly accepted that he committed suicide and he apologized on his act. He also said that he did this in extreme depression and tension. Noman Javaid was in hospital for many days after committing suicide. Fariha Pervez did not give any answer on the issue.

Another twist in story of Fariha Pervez and Nauman Javaid

A few days ago Fariha Javed filed for divorce in court from Nouman Javaid. She mentioned that his husband is not giving her time and proper rights so she did not want to live with him. Fariha clearly said that she could not spend her life with Nouman Javaid anymore and wanted divorce.

But the latest news on all the issue is that Fariha withdraws her application from the court. According to The News, Council of Fariha Pervez appeared before the court and submitted an application on behalf of his client. And mentioned that his client reconciled with his husband and did not want to carry on he filed dissolution of marriage. Court dismissed dissolution of marriage suit. Source