Celebrities Who Looked The Worst At HUM Awards

Celebrities Who Looked The Worst At HUM Awards
HUM Awards function was attended by celebrities who belong to the drama, fashion, music and film industry. Whenever there is an award function celebrities try to look their best. Although it should be easy for our celebrities to get their hands on the most fashionable outfits because there are so many talented designers in Pakistan but even then some of these stars usually don’t look good because sometimes they go overboard and at other times they experiment with their looks and dresses in such a way that it does not look good on them. It isn’t just about the dresses but the entire look which a celebrity carries on such occasions so the make-up and hairstyle add to the whole look too.

Here is the list of the worst dressed celebrities at HUM Awards. The reasons why their looks were such a disaster are mentioned under their respective names.

Gohar Rasheed

1This guy tops the list because he did not only turn up on these awards looking like someone out of an Aladdin film but he also wore a similar outfit on the AFA 2016. Our advice to Gohar Rasheed is that he should stop listening to whoever is giving him fashion advice and fire his designer while he is at it!!!!!!!!!

Anisa Farooqui

2Anisa Farooqui is not directly related to showbiz but she is there on every showbiz related function so we are guessing that she is a celebrity of some sort. Anisa Farooqui is one of those ladies who dress up like they are still young, we appreciate that but the get up does not make her look pretty or graceful.

Sadaf Kanwal

3What was she thinking???

Mawra Hocane

4Mawra Hocane’s dress looks inappropriate, that is the best way to explain her outfit and her look! Mawra perhaps thought she was going to a pajama party in which ladies in their 20s were going to pretend they were 14! Mawra you are very cute but this dress is not fit for the occasion and it doesn’t make you look 14!

Urwa Hocane

5Apparently the Hocane sisters planned this disaster!! They are very proud of their innovative look but this look does not suit Urwa too. It is too casual for an award function. It would have looked good on a 14 year old but certainly not on someone Urwa’s age.

Sanam Jung

6Sanam Jung’s dress, styling and make-up all were a fashion disasters. Sanam recently got married maybe she was making good use of the clothes she got stitched for all the upcoming wedding functions in the family! Sanam Jung’s hairstyle and make-up do not give her a soft look. Sanam please get out of the wedding euphoria, this was an award function!

Sarwat Gillani

7All I can say is – we expected better from Sarwat Gillani. She is pretty, stylish and elegant but for some reason she always carries the most weird looks on award functions. Her dress is simple but her overall look is very Victorian. We would have preferred something more contemporary.

Sumbal Iqbal

8Sumbal Iqbal’s styling and make-up is perfect but her dress, jewelry and accessories are all wrong!

Fahad Sheikh

9They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so we will just let you see the picture of Fahad Sheikh on the awards to figure out why he is in this list! Source