Beautiful Film and Tv Actress of 80’s and 90’s Bindiya Married at the age of 53 !

Bindiya is a Pakistani film and TV actress who began her acting profession right on time in 80s. This gorgeous lady dependably stayed in the spotlight as a result of her intensity and acting abilities. Her wonderful craftsman led the perch all through the 1980s and well into the ’90s.


She had a place with a preservationist family background, and her relative’s holds hostile reviews for showbiz industry regardless of she came to at the stature of her profession, vanishing strangely and not being at first missed.

Bindiya has hitched twice before. Her first spouse was pilot from Jordan and second man she got hitched to an American Pakistani Doctor however they got separate following one-and-half years. The enchanting lady is 53 years of age now and still in a procedure of finding a right perfect partner for herself. Bindiya has additionally been a piece of a system on TV to hunt down a spouse. It is the third marriage of Bindiya.

She has a child Jahanzeb Al-Khumaish from her first marriage furthermore has three grandchildren. she is joyfully hitched and her new husband has permitted her to work in showbiz. Her child likewise completely supported her in this choice.
Here you can see her wedding pictures and news coverage on her wedding !

Source: eshowbizbuzz