10 simple ways to become a perfect wife

10 simple ways to become a perfect wife

Being a good or a bad wife does not come naturally for any woman. It takes a lot of effort to make sure that being a wife we are serving and taking care of our husbands very well. There are good days when a wife actually prepares her husband’s favorite lunch to take to work. But sadly, there are also days when she gets all her energy exhausted on her kids and by the time her husband gets home, all he sees is a tired and grumpy wife. There have been many nights in which you have gone to bed with a thought, “Dammit, I need to be a perfect wife.”

That’s just one of those problems that come with being married. But we are here to help you understand the 10 simple ways to become a perfect wife.

1. Be pleasant towards your husband

Try to be kind, positive, understanding, and above all friendly. Don’t be that wife who lashes out her husband because she had a bad day. When he comes home, welcome him with a sweet smile.

2. Good communication is the key to a successful marriage

A good wife never hides anything from her husband. Be honest to your better half. Sit and talk to him everyday even if it is only for 15 minutes.

3. Say NO to Nagging

No man tolerates a nagging wife, ask him nicely instead. A wife thinks that nagging is the best way to get her husband to do things, you are wrong. Nagging can only create misunderstandings and can make things complicated between you two.

4. ‘S’ for Space

As a wife, it is very important to accept that your husband has a life too. He has friends and colleagues who are also a big part of his life. He has hobbies and passions. Don’t expect his undivided attention and love all the time. Give him some space!

5. Always be Supportive

All a husband wants from his wife is her support and understanding through his ups and downs. A good wife loves her better half for his successes and failures, and she’s always there when he is feeling down.

Do you know:

A study from the team of scientists of the Geneva School of Business claimed that if couples want to have a successful marriage then a bride should be five years younger than her groom, should be from the same cultural background, and be the more intelligent one of the two. Interesting, isn’t it? (Source: Telegraph)

6. The Way to a Husband’s Heart is through his Stomach

All the wise wives agree with this. Make some effort in cooking meals that your husband loves. Once you succeed to take charge of the domain you will feel satisfaction, as well as your husband, and you guys will live happily ever after.

7. Surprise him

Surprise him with unexpected gifts on no special occasion. Why on earth wives think that only husbands are supposed to plan surprises? Even men love the feeling of getting such rare attention once in a while.

8. Plan a date

Just because you are married for 10 years, it does not mean that it’s the end of romance. Go out on a romantic date or watch a movie together. You will love it!

9. Fight

I never heard of any married couple who does not fight. But fighting on petty issues does no good for your marriage and only damages your relationship. So the next time you get annoyed, think twice. Is it really necessary to exaggerate your anger?

10. Be each others best friend

It requires a lot of maturity when you get to know some serious secrets your husband shares with you. Instead of getting angry, be thankful that he didn’t hide anything from you. This is how a healthy relationship develops.  Source

Am I missing something here? Let us know what you love to do for your husband.