Woman of steel: ‘Lahori aunty’ gets into an accident, holds up traffic

Woman of steel: 'Lahori aunty' gets into an accident, holds up trafficSurrounded by men, this woman paid no heed, she was on a mission. SCREENGRAB

Whoever said women are the weaker sex has clearly not met ‘Lahori Aunty’. An unnamed woman became the subject of a viral video when she was filmed in an unpleasant confrontation on the streets of Lahore.

‘Lahori Aunty’ met with an accident and held up traffic. Nothing seemed to get in her way.

Surrounded by men, she remained unfazed as everyone asked her to get back into her car. She wouldn’t dare budge and refused to let the other woman drive away. “Tum bacho gi kaisey, tum ja nahi sakhti yahan sey (You can’t get away with this, you can’t leave from here),” she is heard as saying.

A bystander asked her to move her car to the side and let others pass through. She simply responded by repeatedly hitting the other woman’s car with her foot.

“Ap haath na lagaein (don’t touch me),” she warned him. Phone in hand, she even called for backup. “Meri abhi larai ho gai hai, abhi jaldi sey saron ko ley kar ao (I’ve gotten into a fight, get everyone here ASAP).”

The man started raising his voice while she was on the phone. “Ap beech mein mat bolein (Don’t interrupt me),” she snapped back.

The woman in the other car finally found the courage to drive away – even with ‘Lahori Aunty’ sitting on her bonnet. Source

See the video below:

While she fought tooth and nail, these people couldn’t get enough of the aunty and her antics.