Urwa Hocane Caught in a Party in Indian Club – Pictures and Video

Urwa Hocane Dancing Drinking and partying spotted in an Indian Night clubUrwa Hocane posted a lot of pictures on Instagram in which she was seen enjoying herself in a wedding of one of her very close Indian friends. Urwa also mentioned in one of her posts that she had so much fun on the wedding that she just couldn’t get over it. Urwa’s fiancé Farhan Saeed was also there with her attending the wedding. Farhan even said in one of the posts that this was his brother’s weddings which meant this was someone who was very close to him. Recently leaked pictures of Urwa Hocane are shocking for everyone who has seen them because Urwa is seen in a wierd state. She is acting strange like she is not in her senses. Source

Here are some pictures that speak for themselves.