Although Mikaal has been working in Bollywood quite a bit but it hasn’t turned out to be the way he had planned. Even though his movie Baby earned a lot on the Box Office but still he hasn’t been able to get the recognition that he must have set for himself.



Creature 3D was a movie in which Imran was seen alongside Bipasha Basu but it did not mean anything in terms of his fame in Bollywood. Imran is due to work in the next movie Jaanisar in which he aims to catch the eyes of the audience which he hasn’t been able to do thus far.



Dunno Y2… Life Is a Moment is the movie in which we saw Sadia Khan but it was a story which was heavily criticized for the type of plot. However, the actress had this to say “It’s a beautiful role and an international film and legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Zeenat Aman and Salma Agha are associated with the project. I couldn’t ask for a better debut!” Source

Screenshot_13Pakistani Celebrities who failed to rise to stage in Bollywood