Top 6 Pakistani Actresses of the year 2015!

ijhpnjLike Pakistani Actors, we have some very good Pakistani actresses who really did well in the year 2015. Yes none of them is exceptional this year but they did justice with their roles and new faces performed good this year.

Lets have a look on top 3 actresses of the year 2015.

1- Maya Ali
Zulekha of Mera Naam Yousuf Hai and Farah of Diyar-e-Dil, Maya Ali really did well this year. She proved herself with her acting skills. She also proved another thing that she can perform serious role as well.

2- Sajal Ali
Like previous year, Sajal Ali also played the role of a “dukhi” girl this year. But one thing we should accept that she can play such role with a beauty and we really appreciate her for her acting skkils.

3- Neelum Munir
Neelam Muneer New Latest Pictures (19)
Neelum Munir is the actress who can perform any type of role. She can play a mazloom girl but also has an ability to play the role of the vamp. She played different role this year and did justice with her characters.

4- Arij Fatyma
Arij Fatyma is also a talented actress. Even after facing much difficulties in her personal life,she played different roles beautifully on the screen. From Ishq Parast to Khiloona, she played different types of role and really did justice with her characters.

5- Hareem Farooq
Hareem Farroq is a gorgeous and talented girl who really played many role beautifully this year.

6- Sara Khan
Fareesa of Alvida and a sweet girl of Mumkin, Sara Khan played every role beautifully. She is a beautifully talented girl. Source