ISI Used Fake Facebook ID To Honeytrap IAF Airman & Got Confidential Information


Delhi Police Crime Branch has taken an Indian Air Force (IAF) official into custody as he’s accused of providing classified information to intelligence officials who are doubted to be from ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

In a joint operation, Delhi Police, Military Intelligence and Air Force Liaison Unit arrested a leading aircraftman, Ranjith K K, from an Air Force Station in Bathinda on Monday. Later he was also dismissed from his service and has now been brought to Delhi.

JCP Ravindra Yadav has told that Ranjith was drawn into the honeytrap through internet. As per sources, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) based calls were made on his cell phone and on the other side was a woman who had a British accent and she introduced herself as Damini McNaught. She told Ranjith that she is an executive in a news magazine.

Both became friends and started chatting regularly. Not only this, dirty talks in late nights too became common between both of them after some time. Damini made Ranjith reveal classified information by threatening that she will make recordings of his dirty chats public.011In the words of JCP Ravindra Yadav, “Ranjith was deceived by a cyber entity called Damini McNaught, who said she was working with a UK-based media firm and that they required IAF-related information for their news magazine in exchange for pecuniary benefits. Ranjith passed on information pertaining to a recent IAF exercise, movement of aircraft and deployment of IAF units. In return, he received monetary benefits in his bank account.”

Some confidential documents have allegedly been recovered from Ranjith and he has been booked under Official Secrets Act.

JCP Ravindra Yadav told that they got lead about some serving defence personnel being enticed into an intelligence trap using the social media. The investigation further revealed that many fake accounts have been made to befriend and lure personnel to pass on classified information. Source