If You’ve Ever Woken Up Unable To Move, THIS Is What’s Happening To You

1) Suddenly Awaketumblr_ml4c5aOqYU1rmtkoao1_500Via: http://bunnysleeper.tumblr.com/

You wake up suddenly, but unlike this picture, you can’t move. You’re paralyzed.

2) All Your Mightstiles-lydiaVia: http://kristenhead.blogspot.ca/

It takes all your might to finally move your body, as you scream out.

3) Folklore55.5.A-D1Via: http://www.dia.org/

What’s happening is that your body is still asleep, while your mind is awake. Folklore said that there was a demon sitting on your chest.

4) The Logicfitzgerald4via: http://www.artmagick.com/

When you fall asleep, your body goes into a paralyzed state so you don’t thrash around and hurt yourself in your sleep. Sometimes your mind just wakes up first. Relax, and your body will catch up. Source