Actors Azfar Rehman, Ayesha Omar meet a serious car accident on highway

Untitled-1 copy257Actors Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman met a serious car accident early Friday morning on Karachi Super Highway.

The actors were reportedly travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad when the accident occurred.

Celebrities Fakhr-e-Alam and Faisal Qureshi took to social media to inform fans about the accident, asking them to pray for their speedy recovery.

“Our showbiz colleagues Ayesha Omar & Azfar Rehman had a serious accident this morning please pray for them.” tweeted Fakhr-e-Alam.

Fakhr-e-Alam further informed that the two had suffered multiple fractures but both were conscious and on the way to recovery. “Dear all Ayesha Omar has suffered multiple fractures & Azfar has a broken collar bone…both are conscious, stable & recovering.”

Faisal Qureshi also informed fans on twitter and Facebook and urged everyone to pray for the two celebrities.