Los Angeles schools closed due to threat: What we know now

Close to a thousand schools throughout Los Angeles county have been shut down due to a bomb threat

A “credible threat” of violence forced Los Angeles school officials to close the entire district this morning (Dec. 15).

The threat was received by a board member early Tuesday morning, Monica Carasco from LAUSD told CBS News.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were assisting school police in search operations of all campuses.

District Superintendent Ramon Cortines says the threat was against students, not just a single campus.

The superintendent is no doubt referring to the shooting that took place less than two weeks ago in San Bernardino, when an ISIS-inspired couple killed 14 people in what was later labeled an act of terror.

The schools will remain closed until the threat is cleared, which they expected to happen by Tuesday evening.

“I’ve asked the plant managers to walk the school, and if they see anything that is out of order to call the police”, Cortines said.

Steve Zimmer, president of the Los Angeles school board, said those families whose children had already been dropped off had been contacted and asked to come and collect them.

About Los Angeles, Bratton – who has served as police chief in Los Angeles – told the press briefing: “LA is a huge school system”.

The L.A. school district is the second largest in the United States and has more than 640,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade and includes 900 schools and 187 public charter schools. He said the threatening “message” was made to “many schools”, none of which were identified by name.

Yantz went on to say that South Pasadena schools were not impacted by the threat. The district covers all of Los Angeles as well as surrounding unincorporated communities and 31 municipalities in the LA area. He said he believed that email was “almost exactly the same” as the one sent to Los Angeles.

The city schools commonly get threats, but Cortines called this one rare.

On Monday afternoon, San Bernardino Valley College announced that classes Tuesday would be canceled, citing a bomb threat. Source