20 pictures of APS Peshawar attack that shows why you should never forget

16 December 2014, APS Peshawar attack the black day in Pakistan’s history. At first everyone thought it to be a normal blast attack which had become a routine news in Pakistan, but who knew this day would turn out to be the darkest day for the country. I still remember that haunted evening of Warsak road on 16 December. Even the birds were not chirping all you could feel was darkness, grief, dismay, fear and only one thing to hear; the siren of ambulances which actually gave me trembles in the body. I never thought the road I always hated because of jammed traffic could be so haunted one day.

Which hard hearted person would not have cried. Which street didn’t see a Shaheed that day, which family didn’t have someone to cry on. I seriously say this Peshawar attack was actually the worst day of our lives that still haunts me, haunts you and every Pakistani.

I still remember the words of a father who cried that we spent 16 years giving best upbringing to our only son and these terrorists ruined everything in just 16 minutes. Source

Here you will see 20 reasons, why APS Peshawar attack is unforgettable.

Peshawar attack Father of student who died very Emotional Video