10 Most Beautiful Faces Of Pakistan in 2015

2015 has been a very happening year for the showbiz industry of Pakistan. Many new faces have been added to the industry and some of those models and actresses who have been associated with the industry for few years now had to take a back seat because of family commitments. These beautiful and talented women however made their comeback as soon as the circumstances allowed and we are very sure that they will make their presence felt yet again in the next year. Many of the beauties of our industry fell victim to the latest trend of plastic surgery but there are many others who are natural beauties who are stylish and talented. While it is important for these female celebrities to keep their looks alive we definitely appreciate the natural beauties of our industry more than the ones who are not that natural any more. This list is a tribute to all these beautiful women who took an active part in whichever way they could in order to excel in their respective fields.


Here are the 10 most beautiful faces of 2015:

10. Ayeza Khan
10. Ayeza KhanAyeza Khan is a natural beauty who always looks pretty in every outfit and style. Ayeza wasn’t seen on television much this year but her appearances in the past 2 months or so suggest that she intends to make a comeback and she is very eager to continue doing her work with the same honesty and dedication as before. This ravishing beauty will always be a part of our list whether she is seen on TV or not as long as she is a part of the showbiz industry. Source