10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Died Young

1. SILK SMITHASilk-Smitha-Masala-Gallery-5Vijay Laxmi Vadlapati is the real name of Silk Smitha. She was a very famous face in the south Indian film industry. Her dominating characters in the movies made her famous. Her career started good but after some time she was suffering from the financial crisis, love breakup, alcoholism. These were the reason she committed suicide at the age of 36.

2. GURU DUTTGuru-Dutt-2Guru Dutt was the famous actor, director, producer of that time. He has given us many unforgettable and fantastic films of that time. This talent left us at the age of 39 when he was found dead in his rented apartment situated in Mumbai. People say that he committed suicide by taking sleeping pills

3. GEETA BALIgeeta_baliGeeta Bali was the top beauty of Bollywood in the 70s era. When she just stepped in Bollywood, she decided to tie the knot with the famous Shammi Kapoor. She was older than him, and that’s why they were not very sure of their relationship’s approval from their families. Though they got married and in the year of 1965 when Geeta was just 35 years old show died due to smallpox.

4. SMITA PATILSmita-Patil-1024x768Smita is regarded as one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of all time. Her choices of movies were unique, and she has done great in those difficult roles. She died in the year of 1986 at just 31 years when she was giving birth to another star Pratik Babbar.

5. SANJEEV KUMARSanjeev-1Sanjeev Kumar was counted among the most versatile actors of that era. He is the Thakur of the blockbuster hot movie Sholay. He was in deeply in love with The Dream Girl Hema Malini. He died due to heart attack at the age of 47 years.

6. MEENA KUMARImeena6Meena Kumari is called the tragedy queen of Bollywood industry. She is famous for her performances in the tragic roles. She died when she was just 39 years old. Due to excessive consumption of alcohol is the main reason behind her tragic death.

7. TARUNI SACHDEV3228687299_1_8_5gIzTUZXThe tragic death of this Rasna Girl happened at the age of just 14 due to a plane crash. She was travelling with her mother then. She hugged her friends that day and said it is the last time they are seeing her. She never told anything like that before, and her words became true.

8. DIVYA BHARTIdivya-divya-bharti-34471613-465-650Divya Bharti was a star who born to rule the industry with her amazing acting skill. She debuted at the age of just 13. But unfortunately she died in the year of 1993 when she was just 19 years old. She fell from an apartment. The cause of this fatal accident is still unknown.

9. MADHUBALAMadhubala-LIFE3She is the most beautiful actress of her time. Till now Bollywood has not got an actress who can match her beauty. Madhubala had a hole in her heart from her birth. She always covered the pain with her smile, but one day she vomited on the set and then the truth can to light. She died at the age of 36. She was the Merilyn Monroe of Bollywood.

10. JIAH KHANScreenshot_1Jiah-Khan_12Jiah started her career with the film Nishabd, and Big B was on her opposite. This film was not that much successful. After that, she was seen in the films like Ghajini and Housefull. She hanged herself in her apartment, and a note found where she said the cause of her death is Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi. Source