Important Lessons to learn from Salman Khan’s Life

Salman Khan is truly a man of many shades. From success to failure, from love to hatred, from link-ups to break-ups, our Dabangg Khan has seen it all in his lifetime. Life is only about earning, learning new things make us a better human. Here we bring to you 10 life-lessons we can learn from Bollywood star Salman Khan.

Salman Khan with Karishma, Rani, Sushmita, Preity, Priyanka, Bipasha, Katrina at Being Human showSalman Khan always respects women. He has never passed any comments on any of his co-stars or ex-girlfriends.

Salman-Khan-and-Govinda-1Salman Khan is the best example of a true friend. He has done many movies and assignments just for the sake of friendship not bothering about the money or script. He has signed movies of friends when no one else was ready to work with them.

Salman-Khan8Salman Khan promotes new talentin the Industry. Most of the films Salman Khan has done has a newcomer whom he has launched and those actresses have reached different heights as compared to their contemporaries.

Salman-Khan-and-Shahrukh-KhanSalman Khan never ill treats or calls out names for anyone. Not even for his rivals. He addresses them all as his buddies or brothers and also insists his fans to respect them.

Salman-Khan-7Salman Khan respects every religion.

Salman-Khan-61Salman Khan always helps the needy people.

Salman-Khan-42-e1434794578924Work is worship ! He follows this quote very seriously. He respects his work and expects his fans too, to concentrate on theirs. Salman Khan was working the very next day after his Hit & Run Verdict, inspite of the trauma he had.

Salman-Khan-31Salman Khan respects the family culture so don’t forget your roots because your family is your life.

Salman-Khan-21He is one of the most helpful man in the industry. Be it a family member, a friend or any other celebrity he is always there. Salman Khan is just a call away when in need and thus is loved by all his colleagues.

Salman-Khan-12Salman Khan never reacts on the comments of other actors and media. He simply laughs them off. Source