Raj Kumar Hirani calls Aamir Khan innocent: Intolerance row

Aamir Khan’s comments on the intolerance issue in India fumed a lot of people, including his colleagues from the industry. A lot of people protested against the star, but there were people who stood up for him and supported him. One of them is filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani who called Aamir ‘innocent.’

At a recent event, Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ director was questioned about this controversy, to which he answered, “If you take the answer what he said, he’s clearly said, ‘I feel distressed, I feel sad that my wife once said this to me.’ To me, it was a very innocent answer.” Mr. Hirani openly supported Aamir Khan and said that the controversy could have been avoided. Further, he stated, “Perhaps he shared something from his family conversations with the public. And according to me, that (hype) should’ve been ignored. But the manner in which people have attacked him, I see a bit of intolerance in that, in certain sections.” He urged people to look at the positive things rather than concentrating on negative ones.

Raj Kumar Hirani was accompanied by Javed Akhtar at this event and he cited this as an example of unity. A lot of people attacked Aamir Khan for being a Muslim, but Raj Kumar Hirani condemned these thoughts and said, “Today, I’m sitting with Javed sahab, but this thought that a Hindu and Muslim are sitting together didn’t come to our minds. This thought should be the last thought. The manner in which this is spreading, I feel there is a certain divide that’s been created.”

Aamir Khan at a recent event had expressed his worry over the intolerance issue in India, wherein he had said that his wife once expressed her wish to move out of India, fearing their kids future. This statement attracted varied reactions from different sections of people, turning it into a big controversy. Source

As of now, Aamir Khan is on a break and will soon resume shooting for his upcoming film ‘Dangal.’