“I don’t take Hamza very seriously, he is like an innocent kid” – Ayesha Khan


Hamza Ali Abbasi is famous for saying things that are controversial, he believes in speaking his mind even if it is at the cost of the friendships he has in the industry. Many actors have been offended by Hamza Ali Abbasi’s remarks, Ayesha Omer is one of these actresses and Sohai also said something in an interview which showed that she wasn’t very happy about Hamza’s statements about item numbers. Some people feel that Hamza is forcing his opinion on them although Hamza Ali Abbasi has said it again and again that he has never intended to attack anyone personally.
318 It looks like Ayesha Khan looks at Hamza Ali Abbasi and everything he says in a way like no one else does. It is good to see these co-stars being good friends even after entering the world of showbiz. Source