Meera’s Physical fight in a Live Nadia Khan Show (Exclusive Video)

Screenshot_1Out of so many controversial stories that Meera carries in her bucket, here comes the most humiliating and shocking case of all. It is only a few hours back that Nadia khan shared what has actually happened on GEO’s set. Nadia Khan, while hosting her newly started talk show shared that the team invited Meera as their guest and everything was in line until the actress landed up on the show. As per Nadia, Meera did not even know that had to come to the Set to attend the show. The actress refused to get down of the car, behaving insanely and shouting over her manager for bringing her there. The Manager ran off the car to avoid the building embarrassment while Meera still being outside GEO Studio. The producer of the show Noor then went to talk to her but Meera attacked her and wounded her to bleed. Source

You really need to check thia video out to know more about it because no words can describe this one!

Have a look and share your views.