Komal Rizvi’s selfie compilation


The Kit Kat team is totally NOT surprised at this reaction. Kit Kat team & Komal
Kit Kat team & KomalAfter the crazy viral Kit Kat talcum powder ad and the Shan ad, Komal Rizvi is in the spotlight with her controversial selfie and internet trolls did not give up the chance to troll her to the maximum. Here are a few memes we created/found on the internet.

Komal with Afridi and ShahzadKomal was so influenced with the selfied craze that she decided to join the Pakistani players who are paid to take selfies, not play cricket.

Komal with Pyaray AfzalKomal with Pyaray AfzalActooli she killed Pyari Ufzul lolz.

Komal with the joker and batmanKomal with the joker and batman The joker isn’t talking? Look who Batman called for help.

Komal with Neil ArmstrongKomal with Neil Armstrong Little do people know that Komal Rizvi was the first lady to land on the moon. Is she a vampire? She hasn’t aged a bit!

Komal with CID team7OMG! Ye khoon kis ne kiya? Daya, Komal k sath selfie lenay kay baad pata lagao!

Komal with Imran KhanKomal with Imran KhanShe went to check on Imran Khan before the election campaign back in 2013 before selfies with people in hospitals was too mainstream.

Komal with AyyanKomal with AyyanCaught in money laundering scandal? Forget Saul, better call Komal!

Komal with Oberyn and the HoundKomal with Oberyn and the HoundGuess who was there when the epic duel between Oberyn Martell and The Hound was taking place?

Komal with Wasim, Imran and their wivesKomal with Wasim, Imran and their wivesYou thought Komal won’t appear in their couple’s selfie? Well you’re wrong buddy!!

Komal with ShireenKomal with ShireenOh Shireen! Your father might be a douche for you burning you alive but this gives me a great selfie background. Thanks! :)

Komal with Altaf BhaiKomal with Altaf BhaiA rare picture of Altaf Bhai and Komal.

Komal in Jurassic WorldKomal in Jurassic WorldNow we know why dinosaurs went extinct.

Komal with a White WalkerKomal with a White WalkerThe White Walker is seen welcoming the queen of controversial selfies. Winter has arrived and it brought selfies with it.

Komal at a metro bus stationKomal at a metro bus stationThe metro bus needs Komal.

Komal in Lion KingKomal in Lion KingNO! Guess who turned out to be Scar’s ally!

Komal with Jon SnowKomal with Jon SnowA selfie for the watch!!

Komal with Qaim Ali ShahKomal with Qaim Ali ShahOk guys. We’ll just stop here since our beloved Qaim Ali Shah can’t take this any more! :( (Source)