Pakistani Television Stars without makeup!

Makeup and Pakistani television industry are so much interlinked that we rarely can see the stars working in television shows, in their natural look. Styling and makeup create a whole new image of stars in our minds, leaving us to not recognize them in real life when if encountered. Seeing your favorite stars without makeup is something which is demanded by many of us, just in order to compare if the image built in our minds regarding the Pakistani television stars is same than the real life or not.

The following images show the real, without makeup face of famous stars of Pakistani television in comparison with the look which is usually aired by the industry.

Aiza Khan

Ayesha Omer

Juggan Kazmi

Sajal Ali

Sanam Baloch

Sunita Marshall

So what are your views about your favorite stars? You like them go natural or the makeup avatar on their face is more appreciated by you? (Source)