Pakistani Men ranked third sexiest in the world!

pakistani-men-ranked-third-as-sexiest-in-the-world-by-misstravel-1Pakistani men have been recently voted as the third sexiest in the world in a survey conducted by popular travel and dating website MissTravel! recently conducted a survey that involved over 110,00 Americans. They were asked to vote for the nationalities who are sexiest in the world according to them. Pakistani men secured the third position in the voting process whereas Irish men got the first and Australian men got the second position. Seems like Pakistani men are not only being recognized for their talent but for their good looks as well. Ali Zafar has been awarded twice as the ‘Most Stylish Import’ by Hindustan Times in India. Also,Fawad Khan got third ranking and left behind Ranbir, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh as the most desirable man of 2014. MissTravel is an online travel and dating website that pairs lone travelers with attractive companions. Following is the list shared by the website for both male and female nationalities. (Source)

The sexiest nationalities for men:

10. Spanish
9. Danish
8. Nigerian
7. Italian
6. Scottish
5. English
4. American
3. Pakistani
2. Australian
1. Irish

The sexiest nationalities for women:

10. Lebanese
9. Bulgarian
8. Filipina
7. Brazilian
6. Australian
5. English
4. Colombian
3. American
2. Barbadian/Bajan
1. Armenian