Indian PM Narendra Modi Appears On The List Of Top Ten Criminals

The appearance of Narendra Modi in the list of top ten criminals on the world`s most authentic search engine, Google, has created agitation amongst the whole of Indian media, particularly Twitter. The hash tag #top10criminals became the most recurrent tag, with over 13’000 tweets in just a few hours.

The Twitter world has flooded with a number of mixed reviews on this newest discovery; Whilst several Indians condemn the inclusion of their Prime Minister into the list with the likes of Osama Bin Laden, serial killer Arial Castro etc , there were others who supported it.

Modi-Criminal-ListPriyanka Chaturvedi, the spokesperson of The All India Congress Committee, tweeted, much to the surprise of her followers, in the favor of Modi: ‘I may have disagreements and complaints with our Modi but the PM in Google`s #top10criminals search is not acceptable.’ (Source)