Pakistani Celebrities With Broken Family Relations

Pakistani-Celebrities-With-Broken-HomesA family is everything. Every child needs the love of both father and mother. But unfortunately, there are some Pakistani celebrities who spent their childhood without the complete love of their parents. So lets have a look at Pakistani celebrities with broken family relations.

Iman Ali
The supermodel and actress Iman Ali came from a broken home. Iman Ali is the daughter of Abid Ali and Humaira Ali. When Iman Ali was young, her mother left Abid Ali and took Iman with her to live in a separate house. Iman Ali has spent all her life with her mother in a separate house.

Iman’s mother said: Abid was a big cheater so I left him and decided to live with my daughter in a separate house.

Iman Ali also used some bad words for her father. She still use bad words for Abid Ali and she has also abused him in interviews.

Humaira and Abid are living separate but have not divorced each other yet. Abid Ali has also married with another actress, Rabia Noureen.

Shamoon Abbasi
Shamoon Abbasi also came from a broken home. Shamoon’s father name was Zubair Abbasi. Shamoon’s mother was divorced by Zubair when Shamoon was a kid. Zubair after givind divorce, married another woman. It is to mention that Javeria Abbasi is not the real sister of Shamoon. Javeria is the step sister of Shamoon.

Sanam Baloch
3Sanam Baloch spent a very difficult childhood. She spent her childhood without a father. Her parents divorced when she was very little.

Sawera Nadeem
When Sawera Nadeem was a kid, her parents used to fight each other. The fight between her parents became so severe that they divorced. Sawera Nadeem spent a childhood full of troubles and problems.

Momal Sheikh
Momal Sheikh (the daughter of Javed Sheikh) also came from a broken home. Her mother was of the view that Javed is cheating her and have affairs, so Momal’s mother got separated. But they have not divorced yet. Momal spent a childhood with troubles and problems. (Source)

So these were the Pakistani celebrities with broken family relations.