Interesting And Unknown Facts About Ayesha Omar

This bulbulay girl, yes we all know about Ayesha Omar! Being the hottest and talented actresses, there are some facts about her life which you do not know, if you want to know about those unknown facts about Ayesha Omar then read the below details.


  1. Her father passed away she was only 2 years old.
  2. At the age of 8, she first made an appearance on TV and co hosted the show named by Meray Bachpan Ke Din along with Muneeza Hashmi.
  3. Her nicknames are Jax, Wacko Jacko and also Jackoleena.We have heard that all her friends call her by these names.
  4. Yes, it is also another fact about Ayesha Omar that she has never make a workout. She said that it is her active routine and this is what she calls it as a workout session.
  5. Her best friend is Anoushey Ashraf and they also share a common apartment. They can be named as the best buddies for all times!
  6. She loves to vegetables, in one of the interviews, she said that she wants to grow a vegetable farm one day and wants to live there.
  7. Her first crush is Bollywood actor Amir Khan when she watched Qayamat se Qayamat tak and Ayesha Omar has also shown this wish that she wants to work with Amir Khan.
  8. She has also co founded a clothing label named by Ayesha- Anoushey.
  9. She loves shopping!

So, all these are the unknown facts about Ayesha Omar, We are sure that you were not all aware from these facts about Ayesha Omar. If you also want to catch up with such kind of unknown and interesting facts about the other celebrities then you can also get them from here! (Source)