10 Things All Desi Amma And Abba Hate

Parents will always be parents. They know what’s best for us. Being a desi, you should know better. Yup, they do get angry at every move we make.. but we kiddos can never be perfect right? We love to be naughty and love to tease them..

Some things that they truly hate are:

1. Don’t even think about listening to loud music
They will literally hate ANYthing you listen to!! So does that mean we listen to the 60’s?

2. Studying is a major issue…
No A grade? Well, get ready to face the fury!

3. Sleeping in late, gotta wake up at 6am..
Ever woken up to the loud ground-shaking voice of your parents? UTHOOOOOOO!!!!

4. Wasting your ‘precious’ time..
“Time barbaad nahi karo warna aik din time tumhe barbaad karega”  always..

5. Leaving a trail of clothes and dirt behind..
Blaming it on your siblings eh? What better excuse can you think of? Or maybe too sick to move a muscle? buhaha!

6. Boyfriend / Girlfriend relationships..
Chchcchch…. Never use these two words EVER! Shaadi hogi to bus ARRANGE! Khabardaar!!

7. Sleepover at a friend’s place..
So they really think we sneak out? get high? or what?

8. Constantly being on the phone..
Ammi, abbu do you even realize this is 2015? I’m not the only kid who always on this phone..

9. Video games vs outdoor activities..
“Kia tak tak tak karte rehte ho.. bahir niklo warna haddiyon me zung lag jayega!!”

10. When your parents walk into your room..
“hum ne to insaan paida kiya tha…” 

No matter what, we should still love them, respect them and adore them. Because parents are special and truly a blessing <3

What things do your parents hate??