Which Pakistani Actresses Have Beautiful Hands?

1Yes, it can be said without a doubt that all of you Pakistani actresses have these stunning and pretty looking hands. No matter they have nail paints on their nails or not, they still look amazing. In this post, list will be given to you about all those celebrities that have beautiful hands, check out the below details:

Maria Wasti
She has these long fingers and also rectangular nails. She has that bony structure. That is why her hands have been counted as one of the prettiest one.

Neelam Munir
She has these pretty hands as you can see in the picture.

Ayesha Khan
She has these long shaped hands and whenever she apply nail paint on them, they look much amazing. You can have a look at the picture too!

Saba Qamar
She has this beautiful face and how one can say that she has not these stunning looking hands. As you can see in the picture that she has these pretty hands!

Mehwish Hayat
We have this too amazing actress, if you will look closely at her hands then you will see that she has these pretty hands and nails, we cannot blink our eyes for a second.

Mawra Hocane
Here we have this too another actress that has these gorgeous and amazing of its kind of nails.

Aiza Khan
She has this pretty and charming face and on he other hand, she has these too most beautiful of its kind of nails, you can well check out this picture!

So, all these are the Pakistan actresses that have these pretty hands and nails. Let us know too which one is that single and solo actress which according to you has the pretty hands. We will be posting more of the such kind of news on a daily basis so stay tuned with us. (Source)