Which Pakistani Actresses Don’t Look Their Real Age?

We have many of the Pakistani actresses that do not at all look ages, even if they are in their 40s and 50s, they still look young. In this post, we will be listing those Pakistani actresses who do not look like their real ages. If we are going to look at them then we can say that they are in their 30s:

Reema Khan
She is having the age of 45, she is the mother of kids but one cannot say that by looking at her she has this age of 45 because she still look that young lady!

Shaista Lodhi
She has the age of 43. She has also those young features.

Zeba Bakhtiyar
We have this lady of the age of 52. She is the mother in law now, she is the grand mother now.

Iffat Umar
This model has this age of 44, she is the mother too but still look young.

Meesha Shafi
This best singer is having the age of 33 but by looking a her, we can say that she is still in her late 20s.

Maria Wasti
She is having the age of 39 but maintained herself a lot!

Jaweria Abbasi
She has the age of 42 but still look young.

Samiya Mumtaz
She has the age of 45 but one cannot say that she is that much old.

Sahiba Afzal
She has the age of 43 but she still has that pretty and fresh looking face.

So, above is the list of all those Pakistani actresses who still look young, who still carry that same style and that same grace. If you want to tell us that you have more names of such younger looking Pakistani actresses then feel free to tell us and also do stay tuned with us. (Source)