Bollywood Sister Celebrities – Actresses who are Actual Sisters in Real Life

Screenshot_1Bollywood, the glamorous world, is full of surprises for viewers. Daily we see many actors and actresses who left everlasting impact on our memories and personalities. When these actors and actresses get famous then we become curious about their personal lives and want to find out everything about our favorite Bollywood Celebrities. This article is also an attempt to find some unrevealed facts about the world of Bollywood. We know many famous Bollywood Divas whose performances are charismatic and mesmerizing. You will be surprised to know that some of very Famous Bollywood Actresses are Actual Sisters in Real Life. Here is a list of charismatic Bollywood Sisters who have earned outstanding reputation in Bollywood through their acting.

1. Kapoor Sisters
Karishma Kapoor and Kareen Kapoor are both Famous Bollywood Actress. Former is known for her innocence and mesmerizing dancing abilities and latter is known for her dance, acting and nicknamed as Bebo.

2. Shetty Sisters
Shilpa Shetty and Sashmita Shetty are real life sisters. Both are famous for their bold acting and mesmerizing figure.

3. Arora Sisters
Malaika Arora, Munni, and Amrita Arora are also Bollywood sisters. Malaika is now seen in item songs only while Arora has not been seen in movies since long.

4. Kajol and Tanisha
Kajol and Tanisha are both sisters. Kajol is famous for DDLJ while Tanisha could not get success like her elder sister.

5. Katrina Kaif & Isabel Haif
Both are sizzling and hot sisters. Although Isabel has not done much work in Bollywood but her sister has earned high esteem position in the Bollywood.

6. Chopra Sisters
Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000, and Parineeti Chopra, rising start of Bollywood, are both considered as sisters. Actually both are first cousins. Both have their own style of acting and both are respected in the Bollywood.

7. Sen Sisters
Raima Sen and Riya Sen are also actual sisters in real life.

8. Deol Sisters
Esha and Ahana are actual sisters in real life. Both have done few works in Bollywood industry as well.

9. Hassan Sisters
Shruti Hassan, heroine of “Gabbar is Back” and Akshara Hassan, heroine of “Shamitabh”, are also actual sisters in real life.

10. Khan Sisters
Gauhar Khan, winner of Bollywood season 7, and Nigar Khan are actual sisters in real life. (Source)