Which Pakistani Actors Should Try Their Luck In Indian Movies?

1You might be thinking that show can be those Pakistani actors that should now be making their debut in the Indian film industry. Yes, we have this long list because almost all of our Pakistani actors are quite and rather talented and if they will be given a chance to make a debut in the Indian film world then we are sure that they can do wonders. Here we will let you know about the names of those Pakistani actors that can make some golden history in this Indian film industry.

Mikaal Zulfiqar2Best serials like Diyare Dil and also Muhabbat subh ka setara hai, he should now think that he should be making a jump in the Indian film planet. We are sure that there too he will manage to pull up millions numbers of fans!

Ahsan Khan3Best serial like Pani jesa piar and also Miratul Aroos, this hot hunk should not decide that whether he should be making a jump to the Indian film world or not? We really want to see him in some Indian film!

Hamza Ali Abbasi4This piare Afzal guy can also make some history in the Indian film industry, likewise he is the demanding here in Pakistan, he ccan also become the most demanding hero in the Indian film industry too.

Fahad Mustafa5Hit serials like Kankar and also Doosri Biwi, this handsome actor should also try his luck in the Indian film industry, he will do wonders. (Source)

So, this is the list of those Pakistani actors who should now be making their ways to the Indian film planet, we are sure that all these Pakistani actors will also be liked and even loved by the Indian people.