The real reason why Zayn Malik quit One Direction

1Zayn Malik quit One Direction because of burnout, according to one of the band’s main songwriters, reported IndiaToday.

2Jamie Scott denied rumours that the 22-year-old singer walked away from the group because of deteriorating relations with his fellow band-mates.

The Sunday Mirror quoted Jamie as saying, “Zayn went because he’d had enough. Have you ever been on the road for four years? These guys aren’t at home.”

3Speaking on behalf on Zayn, Jamie said, ”It was, ‘OK, I don’t want to be in this band any more.’ It was that simple, it was human instinct kicking in. People want it to be complicated and have secret reasons but that is what it was.”

A close friend of Zayn, Naughty Boy, claimed that there’s no “bad blood” between the band. He further said, “I don’t think there’s any real bad blood, especially from this side. I just want people to support him and prepare for his future. Along with respect his reasons for leaving.”

4Naughty Boy also added, “Right now it’s down-time for Zayn but I think there is a journey for him ahead, I think for any kind of band there has to be a destiny for each of them. Nothing lasts forever.” (Source)