Top 5 Handsome Bachelors In Pakistani Showbiz Industry

Top 5 Handsome Bachelors In Pakistani Showbiz Industry

1Do you want to know that which are the famous and top 5 bachelors in Pakistan showbiz world? Well by scrolling down you will be grabbing up with the list of top 5 bachelors in Pakistan showbiz world! Check out the list now!

Imran Abbas Naqvi

In the first we have the name of Imran Abbas! He is all named as being the well known and yet the top fastest growing popular actors in Pakistan. He has made his big name in Bollywood as well. He is all listed up on the top as being the handsome bachelors of Pakistan showbiz world.

Feroze Malik

In the next we have Ferozeh Malik! He is the rising actors and well known VJ. He is the brother of actress Humaima Malik and yet one of the handsome actors inside the Pakistan television planet.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Coming up to the next we have the name of Hamza Ali Abbasi! This actor has stolen away the heart beats of everyone with this incredible acting in Payare Afzal. He is the 3rd top handsome bachelors in Pakistan.

Ali Agha

On the fourth spot we have famous actor Agha Ali. His long height and impressive way of acting has made him much popular in the female fan following.

Shehyar Munawar Siddiqui

In the last we have none other than Shehyar Munawar! He is simply the handsome and yet the upcoming new talents in Pakistan.

Well these have been top 5 handsome and yet most wanted bachelors of Pakistan showbiz industry! It would not be wrong to say that their wedding news will going to be big shock for the female fan following! Stay tuned for more updates. (Source)