Great Television Actresses of Pakistan 2015

SonyaWithout any doubt, Pakistan is a beautiful country with beautiful individuals. The people here have been gifted with a lot of dedication, courage, and hard work. Can you tell me who are the great television actresses of Pakistan? Here is given my list for you.

Soniya Hussain

Soniya Hussain is a cute Pakistani TV host, model and actress. She is one of the great television actresses of Pakistan. In a couple of years, she has gotten tremendous success from her career. The top drama series of this lady have been Mei Hari Piya aired on Hum TV and drama serial Mere Hamrahi aired on ARY Digital. She has proved her skills in just a couple of months. She is known for her sparkling personality and innocent eyes.

Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma is an American born Pakistani actress and model. She is one of the great television actresses of Pakistan. If I call her the queen of Pakistan then it would not be wrong. Arij has touched the heights of success. She has great face features. She is a sophisticated personality. She started her career as a mode, and then became a television personality. Her innocent beauty is really captivating, and Arij is simply great and fabulous.

Sana Javed

Sana javed is one of the great television actresses of Pakistan. She is a captivating female of the industry. She is renowned for her flawless acting in Mera Pehla Pyar aired on ARY Digital. Sana has always played great roles in her television series. Besides acting, she has also been doing modeling. She is an elegant and great celeb of the country. She is graceful, stylish, and well versed. I just love watching the shows of sana javed. Do you also love this adorable female? (Source)