The Avengers: Made in Pakistan

We could most certainly do with a couple of superheroes to get us out of every national disaster but for now, here’s what an Avenger film – Made in Pakistan – would look like!

This weekend is all about sold-out shows and packed cinemas all over the world as Avengers: Age of Ultron has released and is rocking waves through the box office. The action-packed superheroes film has already been a fan favourite thanks to its 2012 predecessor, which garnered a whopping $1.5 billion throughout the world.  So as the ensemble cast from the Avengers comes back to save the world, we at Instep cannot help but wonder who would be the best cast if this film was made in Pakistan?

Iron Man: Ali Zafar

(Originally Robert Downey Jr.)
If there is anyone in the Avengers who enjoys all the limelight and glory, it has to be the Iron Man. From his suave looks to his million-dollar lifestyle, it all screams ‘look at me, look at me, now.’ Traces of the narcissistic drive that Iron Man possesses can be found in Ali Zafar, in our humble opinion. From his successful Bollywood career to his overtly visible presence at Lahore’s social gatherings and from his Instagram pictures to his Twitter posts, Ali demands and gets the public eye and utmost attention.

1Robert Downey Jr. famously refers to himself as “Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” and though Ali is not quite there yet, we do feel he’s on the right track to becoming Pakistan’s first Iron Man!

Captain America: Fawad Khan

(Originally Chris Evans)
As someone with an indisputable national spirit and someone who has been termed ‘America’s Top Cop’, Captain America is the embodiment of a true hero. From his clean and uncluttered looks to the eternal love for his nation, Captain America is every Americans ideal hero. In Pakistan, there’s only one name that comes to mind for being as idealistic and as perfect a representative of the country: Fawad Afzal Khan!2Since doing Khoobsurat across the border, this k­­­­­hoobsurat celeb has been the heartthrob who the audience cannot get enough of. He is Captain Pakistan, a bastion of everything Pakistani. Be it walking the ramp for Republic by Omar Farooq or representing Pakistan at the IIFA Awards 2015, he has, and does it all!

Black Widow – Meesha Shafi       

(Originally Scarlett Johansson)
The only female protagonist of the Avengers series, Black Widow is the perfect mix of a tough, hard to knockdown fighter and a sultry mysterious siren. Played by Scarlett Johansson, the enigmatic redheaded Black Widow is one Avenger who truly doesn’t need any superpowers to kill; her hands do all the talking.

3If there is one woman who can truly replace Johansson as the Black Widow, it can only be Meesha Shafi. The crowd-pleasing, multitalented actress-cum-singer is the perfect fit. Her vivacious personality and her striking looks are that akin to Johansson. We wouldn’t even be surprised if this multifaceted woman is also trained in martial arts and fighting techniques like the Black Widow.

The Hulk – Shaan

(Originally Mark Ruffalo)
The otherwise calm and patient, Dr. Bruce Banner tries his best to control situations but when he cannot, he transforms into the super-angry Hulk. The interesting transformation of a genial, intellectual scientist into a downright harrowing monster is what makes The Hulk so interesting!

Shaan1Much like The Hulk, it seems Shaan Shahid also has an anger issue and tends to forget his otherwise handsome and sensible side when he is provoked, which is all too often. We’ve seen him huff and puff at award shows, TV programs and also in archaic Punjabi films; we have also seen him go green with the one emotion you metaphorically go green with: envy! But we also love Shaan and feel that he, like The Hulk, has an uncontrollable, involuntary condition. Luckily, he manages to channel it towards some great acting.

Thor – Hamza Ali Abbasi

(Originally Chris Hemsworth)
If looks could kill, this Asgardian prince would not even need his hammer or godly powers. It is truly Thor’s captivating persona and his ever-so-charming antics that make the audiences fall in love with him. Also, thanks to the brilliant acting done by Chris Hemsworth, Thor remains a fan-favorite.

hamza-aliSans the long blonde hair, we at Instep believe Hamza Ali Abbasi is no short of being Thor. From his striking good looks and equally astounding acting, Hamza Ali Abbasi stands out from the rest. He is also just as archaic and quite the simpleton, which Hamza has proven to be in his various views, but at the end of the day his looks and charms and that hammer are his strength. What is Hamza’s hammer, you may ask and to be honest, we don’t know just yet. (Source)