A platform for guidance, motivation, and inspiration

“My definition of beauty is a woman who is intelligent and in what she has given back to society!”

When CEO of Hum TV, Momina Duraid says these words on stage at the Pond’s Miracle Journey 2015 event in Karachi, one can’t help but be amazed that Pond’s has amassed 10 of the most ‘beautiful’ women in Pakistan onstage and put the spotlight on them. These women come from all walks of life – but the common thread between them is their ability to handle family responsibilities without letting it affect their growing careers.

8Each miracle mentor chosen this year has excelled in her own field and juggled motherhood with her work equally well. Whether she is an entertainer like Hadiqa Kiani, a model like Nadia Hussain, actress like Saba Hamid, a fashion designer like Shehla Chatoor, an eye surgeon like Dr Mahnaz Naveed, a CEO like Momina Duraid, an artist like Muniba Mazari, an interior designer like Sameena Abbas, a makeup artist like Shamain Faruque, a lawyer like Tahera Hasan – she hasn’t let the struggles of being a working mother affect her career aspirations or her family life.

These mentors are the best role models for other women trying to perfect the balance between work and motherhood. As Unilever Marketing Manage Raheel Pasha pointed out; “Pond’s Miracle Journey is all about helping Pakistani women look better and get the most out of their lives.”

The Mentor Task

Helping women make the most of their lives means that the 10 ‘Miracle Mentors’ are called upon for a bigger undertaking. They have to identify 10 women from their professional and personal circles, take them under their wing, and provide them with guidance. By passing the torch to 10 women, it causes a ripple effect and the lives of 100 more Pakistani women are changed.

Mentoring – A Long-Term Friendship

Mentorship is a lifelong journey – one that Pakistani women desperately need through  different stages of their careers and personal lives. Fashion designer Shamael Ansari who was chosen as a mentor in 2014 says she’s still in contact with her mentees.

“You can’t mentor someone for a short span of time; it’s done from the bottom of your heart and the relationship has to [be a lasting one],” says Ansari.

A mentoring relationship is crucial for Pakistani women who have possibly seen very few female role models around them growing up. “I often get calls from my mentees when they need guidance or help. I am always available to these women.”

A Platform For Motivation and Inspiration

The event is also a place where women come together to inspire and motivate other women by sharing their success stories and giving credit to the people who supported their difficult journeys.

For instance, Interior Designer Sameena Abbas, one of the 10 Miracle Mentors for 2015, shared with the audience that her mother and daughter were her pillars of support. “One gave me life, and the other was the life that gave me all,” said Sameena in a recorded message that left a lot of women in the audience in tears.

Another 2015 mentor, Nadia Hussain, attributed her success to her supportive husband. “It is impossible to be a successful woman in Pakistan without a man,” she added.

How Does Mentoring Work

 “If they need any kind of guidance to set up their business, then I’ll surely provide all known resources to them,” shares Hussain, who has evolved from modeling to building lawn and shoe brands, and opening a top salon and skincare clinic.

Can Mentoring Bring Change For Pakistani Women?

“Since Pond’s provides such a great platform to salute women, I feel that more women would want to come under the umbrella, and this will surely give rise to women working towards their own empowerment,” says Hussain, who is keeping an eye open for talented women to take up as mentees.