$5 billion caught during smuggling to Dubai

Screenshot_1Hotels in main city of Dubai are neither normal nor regular hotels. All world knows that Dubai city is the one who is well known for top and best spot for tourist and if we talk about ranking of hotels then they are world and out class hotels in universe.Some days back, the rangers of force of anti-terrorism until clutched a boat which was found in the deep and dense waters among Pakistan and Dubai. From this boat a huge amount of dollars were found almost US 5 Billion Dollars.

Different reports saying about this money that this 5 billion US $ belong from 1 of the best political figure. As per media this somebody was aiming all money as to invest in Dubai or different 5 star hotels.

This individual further known as expensive hotel in UK. This person has a name in the industry of hotels. Currently the leadership of politics is corrupt.

Even no body has the right to speak against this type of political figure. It is understood that almost all politicians of Pakistan having billions or millions of dollars and they like to invest all their money in Dubai’s 5 star hotels.

Mostly people have a lot of cash they like to purchase property in expensive areas of Dubai. Like from Real estate HDS to tower HDS, as these assets worth million or billions of US dollars.

However, corrupt establishment as well as leadership of military aiming is to find out main evils who are involved in this type of corruption. It is tough for Pakistan to returning back his all money back to our country. Especially when this money from Pakistan is trafficked by using illegal source to Dubai and where they like to invest our country money in luxurious hotels of Dubai. (Source)