Top Pakistani Celebrities Who Still Look Young

Top Pakistani Celebrities Who Still Look Young

There are many Pakistani and Indian Celebrities who have maintained themselves fit and perfect. You can have a look at Amitabh Bachchan of Bollywood industry, he has reached the age of 80’s but has maintained himself fit. You can also have a look at Salman Khan. The dabanng hero is 49 years old but he still have a perfect figure and a great body.

To keep yourself maintained and fit, is a difficult task nowadays. In these days, its very hard to take out some time from our difficult routine and pamper ourselves.

Today I am going to share Pakistani actresses who still look young despite their old age. By seeing these Pakistani celebs, no one can think and figure out their ages. No one can tell that these celebs are more than 40 years of age. So lets have a look at them.

Hadiqa Kiani
First of all, lets have a look at Hadiqa Kiani. There is no doubt that she has created a magic of voice in our hearts but she have also made everyone fan of her beauty too. She is more than 40 years old but with her gorgeous looks, she looks young and beautiful. Everytime we see her, she looks even more gorgeous than before.

Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan is the most acclaimed and effective Pakistani actress. Nobody can beat her as far as acting. Ayesha Khan is around 33 years old however she has still kept up herself in a flawless manner. Her hairs are still solid and her skin is still wrinkle free.

Reema Khan
Our famous Pakistani film actress Reema Khan has not only made us fan of her great acting but she has also made us fan of her young and perfect looks. She is about 43 years old but her hair and skin are still healthy and shiny. Unbeatable beauty! Right Na?

Mahnoor Baloch
No one can beat Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch in terms of beauty and fitness. Special aging treatments such as botox have suited Mahnoor’s skin so much that she still looks a 18 year old girl and not of 45 yar!

So these were the Pakistani actresses who still look young despite their old age. I hope that you liked the topic. Don’t forget to share! (Source)