Top 10 shows of 2015

1. Sadqay Tumharay
OK now firstly we have Sadqay Tumharay. Now we all know how major flop it later was known for but due to Mahira Khan’s entry this serial was well praised. It started with 6.0 TRPs straight! Although it later dropped. It was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, and directed by Ehtisham Uddin. This serial has won mostly all Hum awards.

2. Chup Raho
Now we all know how Chup Raho was attracting us towards the TV. This serial had 6.5 TRPs on average and got 8.0 TRPs as its highest. After Shukk i think that this show was ARY’s largest move. It stared Sajal Ali and Jibran as leads.

3. Aik Pal
3Aik Pal was also one of Hum TV’s best production this year. Due to its casting and plot the serial attracted a large number of viewers. It ranked 3.5 TRPs on average. The serial stared Affan Waheed, Arij Fatima and Danish Taimoor in pivotal roles.

4. Digest writer
This is Hum TV’s biggest achievement, getting 5.4 TRPs as highest and 4 TRPs as average.

5. Diyar-e-Dil
This TV serial started around March and has very famous actors as leads including our famous jodi Aunn Zara. This show ranked 3 TRPs on average but after Wali and Farah’s entry TRP increased to 4.8 on average. The show could be a blockbuster if given Friday prime time slot.

6. Mera Naam Yousaf Hai
Titled as Zulekha bina Yusuf previously this show opened with 5.0 TRPs on average and got around 6.8 in its latest episode. However due to airing on less popular channel it has not come up with high popularity as expected.

7. Doosri biwi
Staring Fahad Mustafa and Hareem farooq, Doosri Biwi is among highest rated shows, getting 2.7 TRP.

8. Nazdeekiyan
This drama aired on ARY. It had TRPs of 2.5.

9. ZID
Initially started with 4 TRPs but had a sudden drop.

10. Khata
This is also one of ARY’s biggest achievements after Chup raho, it got 5.7 TRPs as highest. (Source)