Pakistani Actresses Who Are Stepmothers

Pakistani Actresses Who Are Stepmothers

There are some Pakistani actresses who have tied knot with married men. So lets have a look at the famous Pakistani actresses who are stepmothers and see how they feel to be a second wife and a stepmother.

Naveen Waqar
Naveen Waqar is married to Azfar Ali. Azfar was first married to another girl and after spending 13 years, Azfar divorced her. Azfar have one daughter from her previous wife.After giving divorce to her previous wife, Azfar married Naveen Waqar. When Naveen Waqar got married to Azfar, Naveen said:

“I was afraid before marrying to Azfar because I thought that how would I make a good motherly relationship with Azfar’s daughter (Fatima). But fortunately, Fatima is happy with me and we both play and live like real mother and daughter. We watch movies and chill out together”.

Juggan Kazim
Juggan Kazim got divorce after spending seven years of married life. She has a son named Hamza from her previous marriage.

After being divorced, Juggan has married to an old aged lawyer. Her new husband was also previously married and have also given divorce to his previous wife. Juggan’s husband have two children from his previous wife. So Juggan Kazim have to take care of three children now just like a mother. Juggan says that she is happy with all that.

Veena Malik
Veena Malik who gave birth to Abram Khan recently, is also a stepmother to his husband kid. Veena’s husband (Asad Khattak) have one kid from his first marriage. His kid is happy with his new stepmom. In an interview Veena said “We are just like good friends”. So Veena Malik have to deal with two kids.

Saima Syed Noor
Syed Noor have four daughters from his previous marriage. Pakistani actress Saima is the second wife and stepmom of Syed Noor’s four daughters.

Rabia Naureen
Famous Actress Rabia Naureen is the second wife of Actor Abid and also the stepmom of famous hot model Imam Ali and Rahma Ali.

So these are the famous Pakistani actresses who are stepmothers. (Source)