Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Family Members In The Showbiz

Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Family Members In The Showbiz

Many of us want to know the A-Z knowledge about our favorite celebrities. So read the article and discover the relationships between them!

Shahood Alvi and Iqbal Ansari
Do you know the family relation between Shahid Alvi and Iqbal Ansair? Well you will be shocked to hear that Iqbal Ansari is the husband of Bushra Ansari and the uncle of Shahood Alvi. In an interview Shahood Alvi said:

“I feel honored to say that Iqbal Ansari is my uncle. I respect him very much and he has always guided me the right thing”.

Sana Nawaz and Farzan Thaheem
Do you know the relationship between Sana and Farzan Thaheem? Well, they are real sisters. Sana Nawaz is a well known talented Pakistani actress and model and Farza Thaheem is a seasoned artist and has worked in several Pakistani dramas.

Ismat Tahira, Irsa Ghazal and Ushna Shah
Can you tell me the relationship between the three? They are mothers and sisters! Yes, I am right. Ismat Tahira is the mother of Irsa Ghazal and Ushna Shah. Irsa Ghazal is the elder sister of Ushna Shah.

Sanam Chaudhary and Zaib Chaudhary
Both of these talented actresses are sisters. Sanam Chaudhary was born in Saudi Arabia and she was brought up by her elder sister Zaib Chaudhary.

Mehwish Hayat, Danish Hayat and Afsheen Hayat
The Hayat family is in the showbiz industry. Mehwish Hayat is already a well known actress of Pakistan while on the other hand Danish Hayat (Pakistani actor) and Afsheen Hayat (Pakistani actress and singer) are trying their best to make a mark in the industry like Mehwish Hayat. (Source)