Top 5 New Pakistani TV Pairs We Want To See On Screen

Top 5 New Pakistani TV Pairs We Want To See On Screen

1Yes, there have been still left many of the Pakistani TV pairs that have yet not seen together; do you know which one of them? If not, then here we will let you know that which one are those Pakistani TV pairs that have still not worked together and we really want to see them on some serial:

Sanam Jung And Fahad Mustafa
Getting name and fame from Kankar, mai abdul qadir hu and dusri biwi, this actor should also now be working with Sanam Jung too! We have seen this actress in emotional roles only like in Mai subh ka sitara hu and in Alwida, now we want to see the other cute and chulbuli side of Sanam Jung. By pairing this couple, we can hope that they will manage to create a blockbuster hit and their pairing will also be liked by us!

Saba Qamar And Hamza Ali Abbasi
Be it any award ceremony, be it any party, we have seen this pair together all the time and this fact cannot be denied that they look cute too! All of us really want to see them together in some serial!

Mahira Khan And Sheryar Munawwar Saddiqui
Though they are coming in a film but we also want to see them on some TV serial too! We are very much sure that this couple will do wonders and will make an everlasting hit serial of all times!

Mehwish Hayat And Fawad Khan
The hot hunk Fawad Khan has all the time manged to develop great chemistry with all his actresses, if Mehwish Hayat will be paired in any serial with him then we are sure that that serial will be remembered for all times!

Adeel Hussain And Mawra Hucane
Yes, both of them are also one of those couples that we want them to see together!

So, these are the Pakistani Tv pairs which we really want them to see on any serial. (Source)