“The Passion For Good Work, Great Work Means Much More Than Money” – Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan has been attached to the drama industry for a very long time, he is truly a success story which can be an inspiration for many. Lately Ahsan Khan’s spirits have been very high, something that is very evident from all his facebook statuses in which he talks about being involved in work which is not something which he is doing for money only. Ahsan Khan thinks that work which is truly great is gratifying in a way which is far more valuable than any material benefits any work can every give you.

Ahsan Khan posted pictures of him with Sakina Samo which are from an upcoming play. Ahsan Khan believes in the power of hard work which he thinks pays off more than artificial behaviour.

Ahsan Khan also appeared at the center of the latest issue of G.L.A.M Magazine’s cover along with stars like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Meekal Zulfiqar and Saba Qamar. (Source)1Here are some recent pictures of Ahsan Khan and some words of wisdom from him which go to show that the man is in control of his life, he knows where he is headed and what he wants from life.