Top Celebrity Brothers And Sisters Of Pakistani Industry

Top Celebrity Brothers And Sisters Of Pakistani Industry

Here we are with the top celebrity brothers and sisters of Pakistani industry, read the below details. 10th April is the day of National Sibling Day. It was once said by Marc Brown that sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero. Read the below details ad get to know about the siblings of these Pakistani celebrities.

Nazia And Zohaib Hassan
They were famous singers at their time and they are still ruling in our hearts with their song, Teri Meri Aesi Dostiii.

Saba And Huma Hameed
Saba Hameed & Huma Hameed recent Click togather at Aftar Party
Saba Hameed being the top most actresses is with her sister in this picture.

Ali Zafar And Daniyal Zafar
Ali Zafar being the best singer and best actor is with his brother in this picture.

Hamza Ali Abbasi And Fazeela Abbasi
Now, Hamza Ali Abbasi being the heart throb of many girls is also the heartthrob brother of his sister.

Mawra Hocane And Urwa Hocane
Both are  stunning sisters and both of them have superb kind of acting skills.

Sherharyar Munawar Siddiqui And Asfandyar Munawar Siddiqui
Friendship and love between these two brothers cannot be avoided and it is all evident in this pictures.

Alishba, Syra And Palwasha Yousaf
All three of them best VJs and their love and friendship is all evident and witnessed in the Pakistani industry.

Sanam Baloch Siblings
Best actress Sanam Baloch, inspite of her busy life give equal time to her siblings and her love for them cannot be negated.

Humaima Malik and Feroz Khan
Both of them are super actor and actress in the Pakistani industry.

Shaista and Sahir Lodhi
Both of them have marvellous kind of hosting skills and their love and affection for each other can be seen in this picture.

Momal Sheikh and Shahzad Sheikh
Both of them are best actors, they have innocent faces and their love for each other as brother and sister can be seen in this picture. (Source)

These are all the Sherharyar Pakistani celebrities pictures along with their siblings.

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