11 Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery Looking Hot & Beautiful

11 Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery Looking Hot & Beautiful

Let’s take a Look Of 11 Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery Looking Hot & Beautiful

Money can buy almost everything in Bollywood and that also includes beauty.
Though talents are things people are born with, our actresses are well aware of what beauty means to them and their careers.
Our actresses are still preferred for their curves, their fair skin (sadly) and their marvelous features.
There are however, Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery improve their looks any further.

1. Alia Bhatt
The cute as a button actress had admitted that she never even applied too much of makeup to look good.
We agree that she looked so effortlessly beautiful even with less makeup in Highway.

2. Deepika Padukone
Tall, physically fit and having been a trained dancer and sportsperson from childhood, Deepika never had to resort to cosmetic surgery to look more beautiful.
Flawless complexion, gorgeous features are not things one can find in every second person off the street.

3. Jacqueline Fernandez
The leggy Sri Lankan model has all that God can bless a woman with and so she never had to seek the expert surgeries from any cosmetologist ever!

4. Shraddha Kapoor
She is naturally perfect and talks about her physical fitness that glows on her face and maybe this is why she looks so beautiful on any given day.

5. Sonam Kapoor
Another actress who was commented for being fat and she with a lot of work-out and sweating out managed to look so slim right from her first film.
Now, she is a regular in the fashion week as a show stopper!.

6. Vidya Balan
She had natural curves and then she had to put on a lot of weight to become the sexy Silk for The DirtyPicture, and then she had to bear the cross of being an actress who cared nil about her body shape.
But, still she did not go under the knife to reduce the curves at any point and still stands tall in our hearts!

7. Parineeti Chopra

The girl has come to hate the name Bubbly that has been somewhat become synonymous with her now.
But she has always been proud of her body type and though she has been criticized left and right, she is never going to do any surgery is what we are sure of!

8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Poems have been written on her looks and every director wants to cast her even as she has become a young mom to a child.
Yes, we are talking of the hazel eyed Bachchan bahu who was once taunted for her post maternity weights and curves is now back in her original shape and can give younger actresses a run for their money.
All of this achieved without any surgical assistance!

9. Yami Gautam
The Vicky Donor girl, or better to say, the Fair and Lovely girl is perfect with the right features and flesh in the right places and she has got it all naturally! Wow!

10. Ileana D’Cruz
The beautiful Barfi and Main Tera Hero actress has got naturally fit and curvy body that looks as good in a saree as in a bikini.
So, there you have another actress who said no to knife!

11. Nargis Fakhri
Some people have to pay up to get duck like pouted lips and then some are blessed like Nargis who knows the value of every feature and yet did not do anything artificially or surgically on herself!