Young Girls Be Aware Of Posting Pictures On Facebook How Others Misuse It

Be Aware Of Posting Pictures On Facebook…

Screenshot_2In this video we can see that the helpless father seeks help. Thegirlseek help and said that my future will be spoiled. The boy also admits his crime that he in anger and edit the pictures of the girls. The boy blackmailing her. The boys misuse the pictures of the girl which she posts on her Facebook account. Nowadayscyber crime is increasing day by day nadthe mis useofposting pictures are increasing.The todays world is not so innocents were twenty years ago. Social media networking given risetothecybercrimes that were impossible twenty years back. The unlimited use of facebook  and posting pictures on facebook and instagram increases the transmission of semi nude pictures a big problem.

Try not to post pictures on the Facebook or other social media blog or just made a privacy setting in your account in order to avoid yourself and your parents from any discomfort and pain . And not allow your personal pictures to fall into the hands of the wrong person who misuse your picture. IN this video you can see  that how the boy blackmailing the girl and how the girl and her father seek help in order to save their respect. (Source)