10 Reasons Deepika Padukone Is The Best Girlfriend To Have a Relation With!

10 Reasons Deepika Padukone Is The Best Girlfriend To Have a Relation With!


1. Deepika Padukone forms a great couple with Ranveer Singh. She herself is hot stuff and a girl to die for!

2. Only when the girl is ready she lets the guy come home to meet her parents. Maybe he did something right too often for his good luck to meet his future in laws perhaps. After all a girl is conservative by heart and mind when it comes to a serious relationship.

3. Any girl loves the madness a guy has for things. Rishi Kapoor showed that in Chandini for Sriddevi. Ranvir comes a close second with his maverick style with Deepika. Sometimes, girls do wanna have fun! And Deepika does love the quirkiness of Ranvir Singh!

4. Have you ever seen a girl carry her BF’s gifts and flaunt it? Deepika does and in style. Any BF would have the collar up to see this sight and forget the selfies.

5. Girls are caring and Deepika showed she cares when Ranvir was diagnosed with dengue. He felt better and recovered faster of course.

6. Girls love honest men. Ranvir has honestly admitted to his strengths and weakness (like OCD). Thumbs up for the girl who appreciates the honest bloke. It increases the trust bond.

7. She does not mind sailing, flying across continents to be with him. How nice. How many girls make BFs chase rather than chase them towards the sunset in different countries without complaining. Deepika does for sure.

8. She may not be a wordsmith, but her interviews acknowledge that she is compatible to Ranvir. She is calm he is effervescent. Opposites attract always.

9. A girl feels special always and Deepika is happy to see her BF make her feel exclusive almost always not just in front of the camera.

10. Deepika Padukone actually supported Ranvir Singh when he was being roasted by AIB. Now which GF would do it in front of sooo many people? No wonder he said those three IMP words while the world looked on! (Source)