12 Shocking Transformation Of Bollywood Beauties! Then & Now Pics

12 Shocking Transformation Of Bollywood Beauties! Then & Now Pics

1.Priyanka Chopra
How on earth has Priyanka Chopra managed to look this what she does today? When she was crowned Miss World, the lady had a huge scope to improve, and well, she has improved for good.

2.Kangana Ranaut
Kangana is one woman who has improved tremendously when it comes to her looks. Thankfully, shunning those thin eyebrows she has accepted her bold brow.

3.Katrina Kaif
Now, what’s with that lip of Miss Kaif? How does it keep changing every few years is the mystery bigger than that of Bermuda Triangle!

4.Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty’s transformation is the most remarkable one in the industry after Rekha.

5.Minnisha Lamba
5Minnisha Lamba ended her own career when she got that obvious nose job done.

6.Deepika Padukone
6Cheekbones. Done. Eye brows. Done. And Deepika’s 2.0 version is ready.

7.Preity Zinta
7Alright, so she has grown old. But how and why is her nose looking so different?

8Rekha also keeps reinventing her looks every few years. From that chubby woman, she went on to have extremely chiselled cheek bones.

9.karishma kapoor
12Karishma used to look like.. what do they say… ugly duckling! And then she met Manish Malhotra and her career resurrected.

10.Aishwarya Rai
10Her smile looks a lot different, and her nose, and cheek bones too. Plus, those protruding teeth are also gone.

11.Koena Mitra
11Another star who ended her own career after she started looking like Micheal Jackson post a thousand surgeries.