I Have Never Met Sanam Jung In My Life – Waqar Zaka

It is very common for people to spread rumors about celebrities but some rumors are so baseless that it is shocking to know that someone could have come up with such a gossip piece. The rumors that Sanam Jung and Waqar Zaka were involved with each other to the extent that they were going to get married very soon were ripe in the media not very long ago.
12Sanam Jung decided to talk on the subject when she was a guest on HSY’s talk show on HUM and Waqar Zaka has told people repeatedly that he has never even met Sanam Jung but no one pays heed to what he has to tell his fans and media. Sanam Jung also said that watching Waqar’s show was enough for her which means she wants nothing more to do with him!

Waqar Zaka was invited to Sahir Lodhi’s Morning Show in which he said that although he has told the media people again and again that he does not even know Sanam Jung as a person no one is willing to end these rumors. Waqar said that these rumors very often ruin the reputation of the girl more than the boy involved in them. He also said that Sanam might think that he is the one behind such rumors because he wants to get cheap publicity. (Source)