10 Bollywood Actresses From Ugly To Beautiful

Who said they are born beautiful ? Well they have made their mark and also grown beautiful with time and some of Bollywood actress had done plastic surgeries to look beautiful. However the transformations of these Bollywood actresses looks great and this is that thing which made them so popular not only in Bollywood but outside of this too.

We have took some of popular Bollywood divas pictures of how they used to look earlier in their career and now. Check it out 10 Bollywood Actresses From Ugly To Beautiful. (Source)

KAJOL…. She has surely come a long way !!!

Priyanka Chopra ? 😮2

Bipasha Basu… she should have done horror movies earlier would have been better !! Now she looks so hot..

Aishwarya Rai Bachan … Bachchan Bahu effect !

VIDYA BALAN…  What a transformation :P

SRIDEVI…The older the better !

KARISMA KAPOOR…As times passes by people do get more beautiful !!

SHILPA SHETTY…What did you do ? Share your beauty secrets please !!!

REKHA…Can you still recognize her photo ?

RANI MUKHERJEE… Lady you surely made it !!!